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Challenge Theme: 

Decarbonization, Decentralization, and Digitization are driving transformation across the global energy sector.  Today, more renewable energy is installed on a yearly basis than all other forms of energy generation combined.  At the same time, distributed energy resources like rooftop solar are driving a backwards flow of electricity in distribution systems. 

Digital tools applied to existing power plants are already driving efficiencies that reduce fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, while increasing output.  Develop new solutions on GE’s Predix platform to drive the future of energy, reduce emissions, and improve air quality for all. 

Example solutions include renewable energy generation siting, electric vehicle charger siting, renewable energy integration, asset performance management and field services management, electricity distribution optimization, reducing traffic, managing parking, providing multimodal transportation and measuring air quality to provide transparency to drive emissions reductions, maximizing efficiency and output of energy generation systems to do more with less fuel.

What is an Appathon? Just like a hackathon, an Appathon is a technical competition. For two days, teams compete to build the best app. The final deliverable for each team should be a working application- and thus "Appathon" was born. 

Why attend?

  • Free access to Minds + Machines Day 2 (Oct. 26): The premier Industrial Internet event featuring keynotes from industry luminaries, insightful forums, and hands-on demos.
  • Hands-on learning and pre-event solution training ($3000 value, free)
  • Chance to shine in front of peers and win valuable prizes

Tuesday, Oct. 24 (day before main conference): 8 a.m. breakfast, Appathon begins at 9 a.m., space will close at 10pm for the evening.

Wednesday, Oct. 25: 7 a.m. doors open for breakfast, pitches begin at 4 p.m., winners announced at cocktail reception

Thursday, Oct.26: Hackathon pass free access to Day 2 of main event. 



Who can participate? Industrial-minded people with strong interest and experience with industrial data or software development are invited. Participants will include employees of industrial companies, system integrators or technology providers, start-ups, and students.

  • Data Engineers/Data Architects/Data Scientists
  • Full-stack Software Developer (Python, JavaScript, Java)
  • Industrial/Controls/Process Engineers
  • Systems/Solutions Architects
  • UX/UI Designers


  • One application may be submitted per team/submitter. Limit 5 people per team.
  • Teams must be registered via minds and machines conference website. Register now at Participation fee is $500 per individual or $2,500 per team.
  • Must solve a challenge fitting into description above, and consider to use the data sources provided.
  • Must use Predix platform and services, as primary IoT platform.
  • Submissions must be a web browser app (either mobile or desktop). All submissions must include an active URL where the app is deployed. 
  • Solutions should incorporate the Predix Developer Kit (will be supplied at hackathon).
  • New/Existing Applications: Both new and existing apps may be submitted, although judging will focus on app content delivered during hackathon. Please note that all apps must not rely on technology that has not yet been announced or introduced to the market.
  • Must agree to terms/conditions.

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$185,250 in prizes

1st Place: Startup Track

$20,000 cash to be split among team members (5max), fast track to interview with accelerator, show off project 2nd day of conference on event floor.

2nd Place: Startup Track

$10,000 cash to be split among team members (5 max).

1st Place: Enterprise Track

Non Cash Prize - Valued at $105k. 30 students get free training for Predix Developer Boot Camp or Predix Studio and App Engine boot camp (any available modality), 30 students to get free certification vouchers for Predix Dev. Cert or Predix Studio Cert exam. * Valid till Dec 31 2017

2nd Place: Enterprise Track

Non Cash Prize - Valued at $50k+. 15 students get free training for Predix Developer Boot Camp or Predix Studio and App Engine boot camp (any available modality), 15 students to get free certification vouchers for Predix Dev. Cert or Predix Studio Cert exam, Valid till Dec 31 2017.

1st Place: GE Track

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:

How to enter

Register now at Participation fee is $500 per individual or $2,500 per team. You are encouraged to register soon as space is limited and GE Appathons fill up very quickly. 

Teams can have up to five members. Upon registration, please select “I have a team” if you will form your own amongst others attending the hackathon. Choose “individual” if you want to be paired with others. 

There will be two tracks offered for the Appathon:

Track 1 Start-Ups: Limited to organizations with less than $15M revenue, less than 50 employees, AND less than 5 years of funding. Individuals without company support (e.g. full-time students) will also compete in this track.

Track 2 Enterprises: Available to most larger industrial organizations, system integrators, and technology providers. However, employees of GE or GE majority-controlled entities are excluded.

Additionally, there will be a smaller track exclusively for selected GE employees. 



Abhishek Shukla

Abhishek Shukla
Managing Director, Software Investments GE Ventures

Bill Pearson

Bill Pearson
Director, IoT Developer Programs at Intel

Elizabeth Wayman

Elizabeth Wayman
Director of Innovation, Ecomagination at GE

Jean Lau

Jean Lau
VP, Software Engineering, Predix Edge Platform at GE Digital

John Tough

John Tough
Partner, Invenergy

Maksim Pecherskiy

Maksim Pecherskiy
Chief Data Officer, City of San Diego

Michael Thomas

Michael Thomas
Technical Solutions Specialist, Intel

Lothar Schubert

Lothar Schubert
Director of Developer Relations, GE Digital

Mohan Reddy

Mohan Reddy
CTO at the Hive

Vijay Gogineni

Vijay Gogineni
Deputy CIO, City of Atlanta

Samta Bansal

Samta Bansal
Director, Predix Solution and Partner Marketing, GE Digital

Venkat Sivasubramanian

Venkat Sivasubramanian
Sr Director of Software Engineering, GE Digital

Judging Criteria

  • Understanding and Impact
    Extent to which the application “hits the mark” with regards to challenge design. Could it help driving the future of energy, reducing emissions, and / or improving air quality? Did it utilize relevant data sources (such as the data provided)?
  • Ease of Implementation
    Extent to which the value provided to the end user is realistically achievable. Key criteria: App end-user experience; simplicity of software architecture; readily availability of technologies in the near term. Plus effectiveness of the pitch.
  • Ecomagination Factor
    What could be the impact on the global energy sector, and to what extend could the solution create actual business value? Has the team thought through potential monetization or go-to-market ideas?
  • Creativity and Innovation
    Creativity and originality of the Application, such as in terms of business or technology idea, or usability, design, and intuitiveness.
  • Predix Capabilities
    Has it been built on Predix as primary IIoT platform (note, this is an absolute requirement)?Were Predix Catalog Services used? Was the Predix Developer Kit (provided by Intel) used?

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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