What is an Appathon?
Just like a hackathon, an Appathon is a technical competition. For 2 days, several teams compete to build the best app. The final deliverable for each team should be a working application, hence the name “Appathon”.

Who can participate?
Industrial-minded people with strong interest and experience with industrial data or software development are invited. Participants will include employees of industrial companies, system integrators or technology providers, start-ups and students.

Is this only for software developers?
No!  While software developers are most welcome to join, this year we also invite technically minded professionals who are not software developers – such as business analysts, data architects, or controls or process engineers. The Predix platform now scales from low-code (high productivity) to full-code (high control) application delivery.

How do I get started?

  • Register ASAP as “Appathon attendee” at http://gemindsandmachines.com. Participation fee is $500. You are encouraged to register soon. Registration currently is limited to 100 participants.
  • Register on Devpost (https://mmsf17.devpost.com/) to meet the team, and join the competition.
  • Register for your FREE training.
  • Attend (in person) the hackathon on October 24th and October 25th in San Francisco, CA, USA; and build great apps.
  • Enjoy our success!  And feel free to attend Minds+Machines on Day 2 of the event.

What are the tracks?
There are two tracks offered for the Appathon:

  • Track 1 = Start-ups (limited to 50 participants): Limited to organizations with less than $15M revenue, AND less than 50 employees, AND less than 5 years funding. Also, individuals without company support (e.g. full-time students) will participate in this track.
  • Track 2 = Enterprises (limited to 50 participants): Available to most larger industrial organizations, system integrators and technology providers. Employees of GE, or GE majority-controlled entities are excluded however.

Separately, there also will be smaller track, exclusively for selected GE employees.

Why participate?
The Appathon will be an educational and fun experience for all participants, plus an opportunity to drive innovation for the Industrial Internet. In addition, there will be tangible benefits for the winners, and even some for all participants.

  • Across all winning teams, GE will give away Predix training and certification vouchers, valued at over $100,000.
  • Additional prizes include co-innovation Dojos in San Ramon, and fast-track interviews with Bay Area start-up accelerators.
  • Winning teams also will have the opportunity to showcase their solutions on Day 2 of the event, and via public GE videos.
  • All participants will have free access to pre-event online Predix training, and to post-even certification.
  • All participants will have full access to Day 2 of the Minds + Machines conference ($1,495 value), without additional fee.

What is this year’s theme?
This year’s theme for the Appathon is “Sustainably improve Industrial Assets and Processes”. Delivered in partnership with GE Ecomagination and Intel Corporation, the Appathon will focus on finding innovation solutions to industrial organization’ most pressing challenges in the areas of asset operations and maintenance, production and logistics processes, and customers and field service management.

What are the terms and conditions?
Find complete terms and conditions here: https://mmsf17.devpost.com/rules. Some of the highlights:

  • Participants need to use Predix as primary IIoT platform. Full-stack Predix will be provided.
  • Final challenge details, including sample data sets and IoT boards, will not be released until actual days of Appathon.
  • Substantial work of final applications is expected to be produced during Appathon; use of pre-work is admissible though.
  • Integration with third party or custom software, where allowable legally, is admissible and generally encouraged.
  • Integration with custom hardware is admissible, however space (no larger than carry-on bag) and safety limitations apply.

Are there sponsorship opportunities?
Now most Appathon sponsorship opportunities have been filled. However, additional opportunities can be reviewed case-by-case. In addition, the GE team is still interest to hear you “business / technical challenges” which could be addresses through an Appathon.

What are the Appathon hours?
The Appathon event will happen 10/24 – 10/25. Judging will happen 10/25 3:45pm – 5:45pm. Winner announcements with lightning talks will happen 10/25 6pm – 6:45pm.

What training is available for Appathon participants? 
The following training option will be provided free of charge (choose one) for Appathon participants:




Type (all online)

Incl. Lab / System Access



Predix Full-Stack (w/o Studio)

4-week BLOC

4 weeks

9/05 – 9/29


Predix Full-Stack (w/o Studio)

3-day accelerated

5 days

10/02 – 10/04


Predix Full-Stack (w/o Studio)

3-day accelerated

5 days

10/16 – 10/18



Every Appathon participant also will receive one FREE Predix certification voucher (valid until 12/31/2017).

Why is GE hosting the Appathon?
The Digital-Industrial transformation is enabled by bright minds building digital solutions for some of the toughest industrial problems. This Appathon will inspire and enable developers, and help solve some real problems.

What type of solutions will be developed?
Industrial Internet solutions will be developed in the areas of manufacturing and energy management. Solutions can range from smart visualization, to advanced analytics, from industrial asset monitoring to operations optimization.

Can I join remotely? 
You are expected to check-in on site to participate in the Appathon.

What do I need to bring to the Appathon
Most important, yourself! Bring also a government-issued ID so we can verify your registration. And make sure to bring your laptop, mouse, and power supply.

Whom can I contact for more questions?
Please contact Lauren, at lauren.schutte@ge.com.